Monday, October 27, 2014

ifsounds Returns with New Lineup for Upcoming Release

According to band founder Dario Lastella:
Much has happened since the release of Red Apple in 2012, I had moved back to Italy from Spain and  have assembled a new line-up which I am very happy with. We have been locked away in the studio for the last year writing and recording new music.

We have a total of 10 new songs, 4 of which have been recorded in Italian and roughly 6 more songs to go. We still need to record the vocals in English as well. The band has also been rehearsing the older material in between recording the new material for a future shows and a possible tour. We do not yet have a name for the new album but we hope to have it ready for release in the first part of 2015

ifsounds is…

Pierluca De Liberato: Lead Vocals
Fabio De Libertis: Bass Guitar
Dario Lastella: Guitars, Keyboards & Vocals
Gianni Manariti: Drums, Percussions & Vocals
Claudio Lapenna: Keyboards & Vocals


Red Apple – 2012
Unusual Roots - 2011
Apheirophobia – 2010
if…sounds – 2010



Power of Prog

Transport Aerian Reveals Track Listing For Upcoming Album and Video Teaser

Transport Aerian announces that the project's next work will be a conceptual album, which is based on the surrealist self-penned story of exile, self-isolation and love. The album is scheduled to be released in the late 2015 world wide on Melodic Revolution Records (USA) and will feature project's mastermind Hamlet and a very special guest musician whose name and identity for now remains incognito.

According to Hamlet of Transport Aerian:

I have been working on my new album Darkblue, the songwriting phase has been finished and now I’m slowly proceeding to the recording stage. Darkblue is a conceptual album, every song is a part of the story, and the bits of this incoming story are reflected in the titles of the songs.

Darkblue Track List:
1. Black
2. Full Body Access
3. Sand Horizon
4. Imperial
5. Crossbreed
6. Sniper
7. Epitaph
8. Happy With The Future

Transport Aerian released LOVE.BLOOD.LIVE on April 22nd 2014. 
LOVE.BLOOD.LIVE features Hamlet on Vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass, sampling, and programming as well as the addition of Stefan Boeykens on Guitars, guitar loops. This live collaboration really seems to add some brilliant textures to the fabric of the live album, which is the follow up to Bleeding released in 2013 and reissued as 24 Bit-Remaster on March 2014.

For more information about Transport Aerian:
Artist Page
Power of Prog

The snippets of the upcoming progressive rock journey are exposed to the curious eye in the following teaser.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Corvus Stone II and Progeland ~ Gate To Fulfilled Fantasies Now Available!

The wait is over, we are happy to announce that the new Corvus Stone album II Digital Album is now available and the CDs will ship in mid October. Corvus Stone is a critically acclaimed avant garde studio prog band with members and special guest residing all over the world.
Like the first album, Corvus Stone II features a jam packed CD with almost 80 minutes of music and housed in a beautiful Digipak with a 16 page color booklet artwork designed by Sonia Mota. The album features 16 glorious tracks to spark ones imagination and even satisfy the unbelievers that Corvus Stone is a force to be reckoned with, and is here to stay.

01.  The Simple Life (01:59)
Music by Pasi Koivu, Lyrics and Vocals by Phil Naro.

02.  Early Morning Call (03:51)
Music by Pasi Koivu, Background Vocals by Sean Filkins.

03.  Boots For Hire (08:58)
Music, Lyrics & Vocals by Stef Flaming.

04.  Sneaky Entrance In To Lisa (00:30)
Music by Colin Tench.

05.  Purple Stone (03:21)
Music by Pasi Koivu, Lyrics & Vocals Blake Carpenter (1st Voice). Andres Guazzelli (2nd Voice).

06.  A Stoned Crow Meets The Rusty Wolff Rat (7:37)
Music by Pasi koivu .

07.  Lisa Has A Cigar (00:46)
Music by Pasi Koivu.

08.  Mr Cha Cha (04:49)
Music by Robert Wolff & Pasi Koivu.

09.  Dark Tower (01:48)
Music by Pasi Koivu. Lyrics & Vocals Blake Carpenter.

10. Scandinavians In Mexico  (05:06)
Music by Pasi Koivu. Lyrics & Vocals by Sean Filkins.  

11. Mystery Man (06:37)
Music by Petri Lindström. Lyrics Vocals by Blake Carpenter.

12. Camelus Bactrianus (Tuolla Tuonnempana) (08:42)
Music by Petri Lindström. Lyrics by Matti Kervinen. Vocals by Timo Rautiainen.

13. Uncle Schunkle (04:37)
Music by Petri Lindström & Robert Wolff

14. Eternal Universe (03:52)
Music by Pasi Koivu. Lyrics & Vocals by Phil Naro

15. Moaning Lisa (14:07)
Music by Colin Tench. Lyrics & Vocals by Sean Filkins. German Vergara (2nd Voice)

16. Campfire (Tulen Luona) (02:17)
Music by Pasi Koivu. Lyrics by Matti Kervinen. Vocals by Timo Rautiainen.

All Arrangements: Corvus Stone.

Total time: 79:06

Corvus Stone:
Colin Tench: Guitars - Sweden
Petri Lemmy Lindström: Bass - Finland
Pasi Koivu: Keyboards - Finland
Robert Wolff:  Drums & Percussion - USA 

Special Guests Include:
Phil Naro: (Druckfarben, Talas, DDrive, Backhand) - Canada
Sean Filkins (ex-Big Big Train, Solo) - UK
Stef Flaming (Murky Red, Transmission Rails) - Belgium
Blake Carpenter (The Minstrel's Ghost, Voice of the Enslaved)-  USA
Timo Rautiainen (Trio Niskalaukaus, Solo) - Finland
Andres Guazzelli (Solo, CTP) - Argentina
German Vergara (Aisles) - Chile
Matti Kervinen (Pax Romana) - Finland
Victor Tassone (Unified Past, Andy John Bradford’s Oceans 5) - USA

Further Information Can Be Found At:
Official Website:
Power of Prog:
Melodic Revolution Records:

Our second release is by Finnish Proggers, Progeland - Gate To Fulfilled Fantasies
Progeland was founded in 2007 by one man’s vision of a brighter and better world, The man is Petri “Lemmy” Lindström. In 2011 Progeland self released an EP which gained them some rave reviews in Finland, fast forward to 2014 and the band completed recording their first full length album Gate To Fulfilled Fantasies,” featuring eight new tracks.

“Gate To Fulfilled Fantasies,” is a concept album, yet each track can be enjoyed as individual song. Solar Boat is the 1st single and the 3rd track on the album. According to Petri “This was the first track that was composed and recorded for this album so it is only fitting that this will be the 1st single to be released.

The inspiration of the lyrics can be found in the mythology of the ancient Egypt, but the lyrics aren’t based on any specific story or myth.

Track Listing: 01 The New Era   
02 Dead Calm Waters
03 Solar Boat
04 Ocean
05 One Day I Will Be Your King
06 Under The Ancient Sky
07 So Silently
08 Angel

Progeland is:
Tomi Murtomäki: Vocals
Petri Lemmy Lindström: Bass & Various Instruments
Juha Kaski: Keyboards
Matias Kangasniemi: Guitars
Pasi Manninen: Drums

Further Information Can Be Found At:
Official Website:   
Power of Prog:
Melodic Revolution Records: